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MARIBOR: Atrocity Exhibition (CD 2009 - Silentes)


"Atrocity Exhibition" is a new project formed by a handful of notorious artists coming from the arena of italian underground experimental music. Conceptually "Atrocity Exhibition" is like a demonic, blasting industrial-sceptical machinery of war which infiltrates the optical-geometrical-metrical territories of life. The music produces magmatic-turbulent electronic stratas, simultaneously trangressive and remarkably abstract. This active process of organised musical chaos is interrupted by unpredictable ecstatic moods. The artists gathered for the occasion work in interdependance. The recognizable original facets of their respective musical signature are intertwined in the process of creation. Giuseppe Verticchio's ethno-ritual music perspectives interact with PierPaolo Zoppo's "Dante-esque" hell-ish bruitist tapestries, Maurizio Bianchi's neurotic minimalism, Andrea Marutti's abyssal blackened ambientscapes and with Stefano Gentile's touching aerial guitar parts. The title track is a majestic-nightmarish soundscape that grows into dark industrial vapours, toxic menacing noises, transfigured by fluidistic emotional e-guitar arpeggios and ghostly resonances. The piece Terrifica Praedicatio is an other tempetuous-power electronic epic admitting heavenly-sacred ethno sounds which can be perceived in a foggy distant atmosphere. The album closes with an exalted-eerie guitar piece covered by charged noisy electronic clouds. To sum up things, Atrocity Exhibition reveals some powerful electronic densities and a raging intensity which seems to restore the self by a cathartical maneuver. The slow moving droning-abrasive electronic textures are constantly in flux, describing the dynamic and paradoxal nature of subjectivty, its potential of disruption and protest against fixed positions and earthly trivialities. This is music as a metaphor, the language of sounds as a mirror of humanity's ineffable experiences. A tremendous-trembling-fluxuous musical voyage.
- Philippe Blache - Progarchives

Here's an unmissable and collectable 150 copies limited edition CD album, released to celebrate our fifth year of activities and available only as a free "bonus" included in the "bag" that contains the latest 13 Silentes releases. Born from an idea by Stefano Gentile, who also actively participated to the making of the album, the Maribor project brings together for the first time in a collaborative CD some of the most remarkable names of the Italian experimental and avantagarde scene: Maurizio Bianchi (M.B.), Pierpaolo Zoppo (Mauthausen Orchestra), Andrea Marutti (Amon, Never Known) and Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh). Elaborating and mixing basic materials provided by the other participants, and integrating it with his own sounds, Nimh has composed more than fifty minutes of extraordinary music that includes the more extreme, "sharp" and noise-oriented sonic elements of Mauthausen Orchestra, the more oniric, deep and suggestive atmospheres typical of the best Maurizio Bianchi productions, the dark-ambient and obscure sonorities that always characterized most of the releases signed by Andrea Marutti, the richness of the highly dynamic and well-constructed stratifications typical of the ecleptic experimental visions of Nimh, and the openings of "light" suggested by the evocative melodic guitar-based fragments offered by Stefano Gentile. An absolutely unique and essential work.
- Silentes - Label Press


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