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MARIBOR: Cross (CD 2020 - St.An.Da.)


Utterly bleak power electronics and apocalyptical noise.
Maribor is a super project which gathers some of the finest sound designers and artistic personalities of the uncompromising and innovative post-industrial electronic music scene.
More precisely it consists of a joint-effort between Pierpaolo Zoppo (Mauthausen Orchestra), Maurizio Bianchi, Andrea Marutti (Amon/Hall of Mirrors), Gianluca Favaron (Under The Snow/Zbeen), Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh/Twist of Fate), Stefano Gentile (Under the Snow).
“Cross” collects past recordings from a tape published in 2011 with three new tracks entirely offered for this exclusive edition.
All the musicians gathered here belong to Silentes family circle with numerous publications which are now part of the history of the label.
Consequently it is not a surprise to see this new release welcomed by one sister label of Silentes which already made a noticeable name and reputation in the world of understated musical underground and more specifically in the universe of ambient music from its darkened waves to its more ritualized incantations, kinetic and droney facets.
Globally this album fits the category of utterly bleak power electronics and apocalyptical noise with dense, corrosive and nervous walls of sound, boiled in an avalanche of micro-noises and primal synth textures in a repetitive and obsessional nature.
Similar noisy projections and electronic assaults can be fund in intoxicating and nihilist death industrial projects such as IRM, Atrax Morgue, Theologian.
However the stylistic sound array embraces a larger amount of compositional ingredients sometimes with sharp, painful and unearthly textures with eloquent or sinister synthesized vibes and even a surprisingly melodious sounding shoegazy balladry inclination for sustained droning chords and acoustic emotional pickings (notably provided by Giuseppe Verticchio).
To sum up things, it is quite a multi-sided album, ranging from a heavy use of harsh noises to ambient music of brooding and of a brighter nature, driven by sweetly floating harmonies.
- Philippe Blache - Igloomag


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