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TWIST OF FATE: Where the Dusk Has No End (CD 2020 - Oltrelanebbiailmare)


Twist of Fate marks a new turn in Giuseppe Verticchio’s substantial and diversified musical career.
This project consists of a duo with Daniela Gherardi and delivers a second and quite remarkable opus.
I must say it might easily represent Verticchio’s best representative efforts in eerie, nostalgic and luminously repetitive ambient music around thematics that oscillate between personal, then affective memory lines. The sovereign nature world and its mysterious path enters our own psyche.
The opening theme starts with a gently and emotionally moving guitar motif, slightly and progressively enriched by multi-layered phrases, sustained by electronic notes.
A bucolic and dreamily-like estate progressively rises from the background. The second track is a guitar-centric piece built around a gentle pattern that rises to a warm nostalgic and shimmering light. ‘Too far from home’ is a sombre, desolate and plaintive soundscape but with a gentle contemplative arrangement that sums quite well the general tone of the album.
All in all Where the Dusk Has No End is a song-orientated album from Giuseppe Verticchio which results in an intricate mix between acoustic sensitive motives, micro electronic touches, noisy sound structures and one vibrant atmospheric “new agey” vibe.  Definitely recommended as post-rock ambient balladries.
Between Michael Rother’s intimate e-guitar airs (Sterntaler and Flammende Herzen), Loren Connors’ tearful guitar crying (in Airs and Hell’s Kitchen Park), Stars of the lid, Grouper, Eluvium post-romantical ambient music.
- Philippe Blache - Igloomag

Twist of Fate marque un nouveau tournant dans la carrière musicale substantielle et diversifiée de Giuseppe Verticchio. Ce projet consiste en un duo avec Daniela Gherardi livre un second opus tout à fait remarquable dans la mesure où‘il pourrait facilement représenter les meilleurs efforts de Verticchio dans une musique d’ambiance sinistre, nostalgique et lumineusement répétitive autour de thèmes qui oscillent entre des lignes de mémoire personnelles, puis affectives. Le monde de la nature souveraine et son chemin mystérieux pénètre notre propre psyché.
Le thème d’ouverture commence par un motif de guitare en mouvement doux et émotionnel, légèrement et progressivement enrichi par des phrases à plusieurs niveaux, soutenues par des notes électroniques.
Un domaine bucolique et onirique s’élève progressivement du fond. Le deuxième morceau est un morceau centré sur la guitare, construit autour d’un motif doux qui s’élève vers une lumière chaude, nostalgique et chatoyante. « Too far from home » est un paysage sonore sombre, désolé et plaintif, mais avec un arrangement contemplatif et doux qui résume assez bien le ton général de l’album.
Dans l’ensemble, Where the Dusk Has No End est un album de Giuseppe Verticchio axé sur la chanson, qui résulte en un mélange complexe entre des motifs acoustiques sensibles, des touches micro électroniques, des structures sonores bruyantes et une vibrante atmosphère « new age ».  Définitivement recommandé comme ballades post-rock ambient. Entre les airs intimes de guitare électronique de Michael Rother (Sterntaler et Flammende Herzen), les pleurs de guitare de Loren Connors (dans Airs et Hell’s Kitchen Park), Stars of the lid, Grouper, la musique ambient post-romantique d’Eluvium.
- Philippe Blache - Rock Decibels

…Something entirely different is the release by Giuseppe Verticchio and Daniela Gherardi, also known as Twist Of Fate.
They play guitars, synthesizer, violin, guitar effects, e-bow and all is duly recorded onto the computer.
Whereas the music by Daniele Ciullini was very playful, I believe that the music here is very serious.
It looks away, into the dark of night; see also last week's release by Marcus Maeder; dusk and twilight are popular themes for musicians of the ambient music variety.
Twist Of Fate is a duo that easily connects to the world of post-rock meeting ambient.
I would be surprised if there are no loop devices used by these two.
They play rather melodic guitar phrases and let them hang on in a web of loops, becoming drones, evolving slowly into an infinite web of sounds.
Of course, I didn't hear come dusk time or twilight, but just plain 'during the afternoon', but on a cloudy day, so that part of the mood is taken care of.
I thought of this as quite enjoyable music, even when I am not necessarily the biggest lover of this sort of guitar meets ambient music; perhaps, I am more the synthesizer/field recording lover, but I can easily hear that they know what they are doing, and they do a great job.
- Frans De Waard - Vital Weekly

Daniela Gherardi e Giuseppe Verticchio hanno pubblicato il terzo album della loro collaborazione artistica Twist Of Fate. “Where the Dusk Has No End” segue di quattro anni il precedente “September Winds”  e di sei l’imperdibile esordio “Tales From a Parallel Universe”.
Come nei precedenti lavori le chitarre, sia elettriche che acustiche, sono ancora una volta le protagoniste assolute dei racconti intarsiati dalla coppia romana nelle loro composizioni.
Violino elettrico, effetti, pedali e il software Wavelab della Steinberg concorrono a delineare le atmosfere bucoliche e sognanti degli arrangiamenti.
L’album si apre con la eco di una melodia suonata da una puntina di un vecchio piatto: un loop colmo di malinconia da cui prende vita la ballata “Sunbeams On The Tracks”.
I suoni diventano più cristallini, e le chitarre ancora più languide, nella seguente “New Morning (Over The Ocean)”, l’ennesimo viaggio immaginifico nell’universo parallelo dei Twist Of Fate.
Il finale è da capogiro, con le chitarre che prendono ad inseguirsi in vortici elicoidali sui quattordici minuti abbondanti dell’omonima “Where the Dusk Has No End”.
Se proprio si volessero trovare dei progenitori alla dreamwave ultra romantica dei Twist Of Fate bisognerebbe scavare fino a metà degli anni 90, quando Henry Frayne diede vita al suo progetto solista Lanterna, ritrovando un sentiero battuto poi negli anni a seguire da altri sognatori (Raymond Scott Woolson, Hammock, Yellow6).
- Roberto Mandolini - Onda Rock


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