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NIMH: Early Electronic Works - Caustic / Composite (2 x CD 2022 - Zoharum)


Since the first half of the 1990s, Giuseppe Verticchio/Nimh began to explore the territories of sound experimentation, alternating and integrating the use of electronic synthesisers, effects, software, ethnic instruments and sound objects of various kinds.
In "Early Electronic Works" two obscure unpublished works of a purely electronic nature have been collected, "Caustic" and "Composite", recorded at different times during those years.
These are recordings made live, without overdubs or subsequent reworking, in which the sound of electronic equipment is expressed in all its instinctive and immediate power, giving an evocative insight into the early years of sound experimentation of Giuseppe Verticchio.
Finally, at least a part of those significant but "forgotten" sound archives has seen the light of day thanks to the publication of the present "Early Electronic Works".
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